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Khepri: Generative Belly Metal (2012 - Max/MSP Patch)

'A creative and procedural exploration into generative music where the process of creation is handed to the computer. Music that expresses randomness but through a structured set of rules, changing over time, with over a million combinations at each point of generation turning into an infinite amount of possibilities of music over time.'

Khepri generative bellymetal

Generative Belly Metal is a generative music experiment created in Cycling 74's Max 6.

 - Generative Belly Metal v 0.46 (ZIP) - 365 MB
 - Patch Notes (PDF) - 434 KB

- For more information concerning Max / MSP visit Cycling 74's website.
 - The Max patch itself will be posted here soon for anyone who wants to modify and use this as a tool or for ideas for their own work.
Selected Music:

Khepri: Those Dark Days
Khepri: Those Dark Days (2015)
'A brooding alternative rock / metal sound layered with vocals reminiscent of 90's bands such as Alice in Chains complete with exotic folk instruments and a clear 'middle eastern' influence in line with bands such as The Tea Party and Myrath.'

Khepri: DuatKhepri: Duat (2012)

'Atmospheric ethnic melodies, mystic and enchanting, soar upon rich percussion layered with dark distortion guitars.
Melding aspects of metal, grunge, rock and uniting as one through a journey to the Middle East and Orient.'

Khepri: Bellymetal
Khepri: Bellymetal (2010)
'Vibrant ethnic rhythms and percussion grinding with heavy distortion metal guitars. Catchy melodies soar through the intricate music, beckoning a powerful distinct Middle Eastern aura.'

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