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Khepri: Ascension (2014 - MP3)

Dark, powerful metal guitars meet vibrant percussion from the Middle East. Oriental Metal both inspiring and uplifting through its intricate melodies and brooding tone.

Khepri Ascension gothic belly dance metal

Where Duat (2012) further developed and solidified Khepri's style through focus on ethnic instruments and textures, Ascension retraces Khepri's guitar-driven Oriental Metal roots of Bellymetal (2010).

Ascension is packed with the type of hard upbeat tracks that it opens with, Tendrils of Fire and Bloodlines. Although still a diverse album, it includes the soft haunting Paradise and Japanese inspired Orochi.

Track Listing:
1. Tendrils of Fire
2. Bloodlines
3. Sultan
4. Shadow Faded
5. Paradise
6. Ascension
7. Orochi
8. Titan
9. Shackled Spirit
10. Shattered Dreams
11. Nomad
12. Ruin

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