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About Khepri Biography

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In 2003 Khepri began performing in several goth / alternative / rock bands, primarily on bass guitar. A live DVD was recorded in mid 2004 capturing some of these performances. By the turn of 2005 Khepri began having difficulty with the bands through their lack of direction and focus. He decided it was best to explore his musical horizons alone.

Around this time he had been studying classical music, music theory, sound engineering and studio production under talents such as Greg Malcangi (Trial and Retribution) and Nikola Kodjabashia (Reveries Of The Solitary Walker). He composed for several small amateur games. His knowledge culminated in a solo demo CD titled Flame of Fervour (2006). 

Sounds of Asia had always captured his heart. He had been delving deeper in the culture of the Middle East, Arabic music and India. Still studying composition and production, this knowledge and skill lead to the release of Dominion (2007). 

Khepri was pleased with the newer direction that Dominion beckoned; adequately expressing the music that came from his heart. He began forging a refined instrumental album in this 'bellymetal / bellydance metal' sound. Throughout 2008 Khepri formed a new metal project Scarlet Storm alongside Petra (Metal Queen) with her beautiful graceful vocals. Khepri composed, recorded and performed all instruments on several Scarlet Storm songs, 3 tracks became part of the 2009 compilation CD Amalga: Petra Metal Queen Collaborations.

In 2008/9 Khepri also composed Electronic / EBM / Industrial music that would regularly appear in night clubs in the UK. (one of which can be found on the 2010 Bellymetal release as a bonus track)

2010 was a prolific year, Khepri provided orchestral composition for a horror short Callous. He also acted as the recording engineer and producer for the band Love and the Masquerade. Finally, after showcasing new songs on radio (including Bristol BCfm) they could all be heard in his newly finished album Bellymetal. A refined, progression from Dominion, albeit completely instrumental. Containing vibrant ethnic rhythms and percussion grinding with heavy distortion metal guitars. Catchy melodies soaring through the intricate music, beckoning a powerful distinct Middle Eastern aura.

Throughout 2011 Khepri was composing his next release Duat. Further developing and solidifying the sound of Bellymetal. This time however focusing more on ethnic instruments, textures, and less on pure guitar driven oriental metal / rock. Khepri collaborated with the dancer Loryen Zeytin to include her in the album artwork. Duat was released on the 5th of January 2012.

Throughout the early part of 2012 Khepri became interested in generative music and ultimately began working on his own composition with procedural and structural generative elements. Using Max to achieve this, he released a demo version of the work (version 0.46) in April.

At the end of June 2012 Khepri began writing and recording for his album Inner Division released on January 1st 2013. It was his first non-instrumental album in 6 years, since Dominion (2007). While retaining a heavy Oriental metal feel, the music is nonetheless a slight departure from his regular 'bellymetal' style.

In 2013 Khepri began collaborating with Romanian metal singer Julia Black, they revealed a reworking of No Hope (from Inner Division) on May 4th, Umbra on the July 2nd and Pharaoh's Lament on the 7th of September. They have continued working together since.

Next year brought Ascension (2014), a powerful, intense album in the style of Bellymetal. March 10th Khepri released Those Dark Days. A slight departure in style, it continues from Inner Division, although a generally lighter sounding album with clean vocals. Influences from bands such as Alice in Chains are readily apparent. With an 'eastern' fusion at the heart of the music.

Selected Music:

Khepri: Those Dark Days
Khepri: Those Dark Days (2015)
'A brooding alternative rock / metal sound layered with vocals reminiscent of 90's bands such as Alice in Chains complete with exotic folk instruments and a clear 'middle eastern' influence in line with bands such as The Tea Party and Myrath.'

Khepri: DuatKhepri: Duat (2012)

'Atmospheric ethnic melodies, mystic and enchanting, soar upon rich percussion layered with dark distortion guitars.
Melding aspects of metal, grunge, rock and uniting as one through a journey to the Middle East and Orient.'

Khepri: Bellymetal
Khepri: Bellymetal (2010)
'Vibrant ethnic rhythms and percussion grinding with heavy distortion metal guitars. Catchy melodies soar through the intricate music, beckoning a powerful distinct Middle Eastern aura.'

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