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Archived News:

January 2013:

 - Happy new year everyone, I hope you all enjoy the new album. You can get it from CD Baby for just $2.99. It's also available on iTunesAmazon etc. Don't forget to check out the music page to hear some samples. But for now here's the first track (which you can download for free on the music page). Enjoy the new year everyone!

 - My friend Anne du Ciel with a great fusion dance to Rusted Desert and Siouxsie & the Banshees.
 - Another great fusion dance to Hellfire that you should really check out!
 - Khepri was interviewed here on Robex Lundgren's site.

September 2012:

- You can now hear samples of most tracks from Khepri's upcoming album Inner Division.

July 2012:

- Rusted Desert danced to by the amazing Akzara, you can follow her on facebook or her website.

 - Khepri has begun writing and recording for his next album Inner Division. Check the music page to keep up to date as more information unfolds. A short sample of the intro to the song Ashes of the Dark is also available there.

 June 2012:

 - Videos of dances to Khepri's music and more information about his earlier albums have been added to the music section, including several FREE tracks.

 April 2012:

Khepri's exploration into generative music through Max/MSP is now downloadable in the music section: Generative Belly Metal. It is an incomplete work in progress that will continue to be developed over time. It is however currently at a stage where it is usable and functional.

 March 2012:

- You can now find lyrics for the bonus tracks from Duat in the music section.

 January 2012
  - The new Khepri album Duat is now available! From CD Baby Duat is $7.99 / 5.15 as a digital download and you will receive a 30% discount when buying more than 1 physical CD. It is also available as a digital download all across the internet (such as iTunes and Amazon). For more information, visit the Music section above.

 December 2011
 - Persian Bellydancer Foroogh Mahafsoun improvising to Hellfire:

November 2011:
 - The first preview of the new album Duat is now here, featuring the amazing dancer Loryen Zeytin in the artwork.

October 2011
 - Recording and production of the new album is complete, more information to follow shortly.

September 2011:
 - Khepri has begun recording a new album.

February 2011:

 - Roadrunner Records' has featured a news article about Loryen Zeytin's video Mesopotamian Metal II, containing the track Hellfire from Bellymetal. See it here.

 - The new Khepri single 'Rusted Desert' is available for FREE at his ReverbNation page. Download it, spread it around and have fun with it. It goes out as a thankyou to everyone who has supported his music.

January 2011:

 - The lovely and ever graceful Loryen Zeytin dancing to a collection of Oriental Metal songs, including the Khepri song Hellfire:
Mesopotamian Metal II - Belly Dance

This video was picked up in The Sault Metal Scene blog.

 - Don't forget to check out Khepri's BLOG page, now including an interview with Loryen Zeytin herself!

October 2010

 - Join the Khepri mailing list now to get access to the track The Wrath of Kali (from the CD Bellymetal) for FREE now! You will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news of Khepri.

You will be able to download the new track at Khepri's Reverbnation page below:


September 2010:

 - The Khepri: Bellymetal album is now available as a CD at CDbaby and available for digital purchase there and all digital online retail shops (such as iTunes).

 - Check the YouTube album sampler for Bellymetal:

Latest Music:

Khepri: DuatKhepri: Duat (2012)

'Atmospheric ethnic melodies, mystic and enchanting, soar upon rich percussion layered with dark distortion guitars.
Melding aspects of metal, grunge, rock and uniting as one through a journey to the Middle East and Orient.'

Khepri: Bellymetal
Khepri: Bellymetal (2010)
'Vibrant ethnic rhythms and percussion grinding with heavy distortion metal guitars. Catchy melodies soar through the intricate music, beckoning a powerful distinct Middle Eastern aura.'

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