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Scarlet Storm

Throughout 2008 Khepri formed the metal project Scarlet Storm alongside Petra (Metal Queen).

Scarlet Storm band

Khepri composed, recorded and performed all instruments on the Scarlet Storm songs, with Petra writing lyrics and singing. The 3 tracks became part of the 2009 compilation CD Amalga: Petra Metal Queen Collaborations.


Khepri & Petra's collaborations are listed below:

Music by Khepri, vocals and lyrics by Petra.
Download the guitar tab.

02 - 'Erotomaniac Obsession' : 4:11
Music by Khepri, vocals and lyrics by Petra.

03 - 'Dominion' : 4:07
Music by Khepri, vocals and lyrics by Petra.

Scarlet Storm is not currently active.
You can find out more about Petra on her facebook.

Selected Music:

Khepri: Those Dark Days
Khepri: Those Dark Days (2015)
'A brooding alternative rock / metal sound layered with vocals reminiscent of 90's bands such as Alice in Chains complete with exotic folk instruments and a clear 'middle eastern' influence in line with bands such as The Tea Party and Myrath.'

Khepri: DuatKhepri: Duat (2012)

'Atmospheric ethnic melodies, mystic and enchanting, soar upon rich percussion layered with dark distortion guitars.
Melding aspects of metal, grunge, rock and uniting as one through a journey to the Middle East and Orient.'

Khepri: Bellymetal
Khepri: Bellymetal (2010)
'Vibrant ethnic rhythms and percussion grinding with heavy distortion metal guitars. Catchy melodies soar through the intricate music, beckoning a powerful distinct Middle Eastern aura.'

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